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B-ELITE LEARNING ACADEMY is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing social and economic career readiness opportunities in arts education and entrepreneurship to youth located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our organization provides foundational, 10-12 week project-based programs and practical skills to youth in their field of interest. Learn about each of or tracks.

How do I know if I'm a good fit for B.L.A.?

Below are some of the things that would make you a great candidate!

Youth seeking creative alternative professional career paths and entrepreneurship

We offer various educational tracks and provide an opportunity for youth to explore them all.

Youth  who want to grow

We encourage leadership, team building, and innovation skills and are committed to developing our youth’s interests, talents, passions, and abilities

Youth looking to be challenged positively

We provide a weekly youth led business meeting to designate responsibilities for the planning and execution of the graduation ceremony.

Individuals who want to showcase their skills and talents

Participants in each track will have the opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learned during the 10-12 week program at the graduation ceremony.

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